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Through our extraordinary materials science and advanced, integrated process excellence, ATI creates new specialty materials, then shapes them to meet our customers’ need for ultimate performance and long-term value.

Solving the World’s Challenges through Materials Science

When the challenge is searing heat, crushing stress, blistering corrosion, or all of the above, we earn the right to be a customer’s first call. For more than a hundred years, we’ve been meeting these challenges for customers whose systems need to fly higher, dig deeper, stand stronger, and last longer — anywhere on, above, or below the earth.

Our materials enable our customers — and in some cases our customers’ customers — to do amazing things, from operating jet engines at 2800 degrees to equipping our nation's defense to safely and efficiently transporting highly corrosive liquids and exhaust streams to enabling life-changing medical insights. We strive to be a flawless performer, earning the first call when there are opportunities to expand our share.


Maintenance Associate
Category: Manufacturing
ATI is a global manufacturer of technically advanced specialty materials and complex components. Our products support diverse markets and industries such as aerospace and defense, oil & gas, electrical energy, medical, automotive, and other industrial markets. We are currently looking for an Industrial Maintenance Associate for our manufacturing facility in Monroe, North Carolina (suburb of more
Contact: Amanda Young
Phone:(704) 289-4511
Fax:(704) 292-1959

Rep/Contact Info

Kristal Branch
Executive Assistant
  • Phone: (704) 289-4511 x3334
Greg Carroll
Superintendent, Maintenance
  • Phone: (704) 289-4511 x3355
Trey Coan
Sr Proc Leader, Sales & Mktg
  • Phone: (704) 289-4511 x3207
Monica Crews
  • Phone: (704) 289-4511
Alison Gallagher
Sr Process Leader, EH&S
  • Phone: (704) 290-0314
Darryl Glanton
Process Engineer
  • Phone: (704) 282-1562
Cindy Harrold
Executive Assistant
  • Phone: (704) 289-4511 x3151
Julie Hunter
Director, HR
  • Phone: (704) 289-4511 x3125
John Jarman
Superintendent, Maintenance
  • Phone: (704) 289-4511 x3190
Stephanie Kline
Item Engineer Technician
  • Phone: (704) 289-4511
Amie Medlin
HR Manager
  • Phone: 704-289-4511 x3368
Dana Pennington
Supply Chain Administrator / Sr SRT
  • Phone: (704) 289-4511
Brendan Rielly
Manager, Sales and Marketing
  • Phone: (704) 289-4511 x3071
Andre Roberts
Raw Materials & Shipping/Receiving Superintendent
  • Phone: (704) 289-4511 x3873
Shelia Singleton
Process Specialist, HR
  • Phone: (704) 289-4511 x3943
Shay Vandermark
Sr Manager of Sales & Marketing
  • Phone: (704) 292-5780
Regina Wilder
Benefits Analyst
  • Phone: (704) 289-4511 x3137