News Release: 1/14/2019 Waxhaw Fit Body Boot Camp presents: The New Direction Program

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January 14, 2019
Waxhaw Fit Body Boot Camp presents: The New Direction Program. 
Children with disabilities face unique challenges, but in many instances, they can still participate in physical activities.  The emphasis of the New Direction program is to increase strength, motor skills development and conditioning through patience and understanding of physical education programming.

The progam provides a safe routine and physical environment.  This program will help your child's self-esteem and confidence by building physical fitness.

The implementation of physical activity for children with special needs has numerous benefits, including:

* Builds Self-esteem
* Improves social interaction
* Improves focus and function of daily living skills
* Weight loss
* Reduction of anxiety
* Have fun while getting fit
* Allows for the release of positive and or negative energy resulting in productive output

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