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April 23, 2020

Massage Envy Indian Trail announced today that it is supporting the nationwide American Red Cross’s “SleevesUp” campaign. Massage Envy, the nation's #1 provider of massage and skin care services in U.S., has a nationwide goal is of donating 25,000 units of blood by August 31.

The Sleeves Up campaign is a virtual blood drive where people use an online tool to pledge to donate blood at an American Red Cross location or affiliated blood bank at a time and location convenient for donors.

“Massage Envy is proud to support the Red Cross. We have a great network and we can help make a big difference at a time when the nation really needs it,” Tanha, owner of Massage Envy Indian Trail located at 6431 Old Monroe Rd said. “I feel we can really help the Red Cross by asking members, friends and family to donate for this worthy cause.

According to the American Red Cross, the Food and Drug Administration has designated blood donation as an “essential service” and the American Red Cross is strongly encouraging people to donate now.

The Massage Envy national campaign with the American Red Cross runs through August 31. To participate, you must be in good health and feeling well, at least 16 years old in most states, and weigh at least 110 lbs.

Here are four simple steps to joining this cause:

  • ?  Click on Massage Envy Supports the Red Cross to schedule an appointment.

  • ?  Fill out the short electronic questionnaire you’ll receive by email from the Red Cross.

  • ?  Show up at the location on the date and time of your appointment with photo ID.

  • ?  After you donate, take a selfie and post to your social media channels with the hashtags #SleevesUpME. We welcome you to tag our social media channels on Facebook (@MassageEnvyIndianTrail) and Instagram (@massageenvy_indiantrail).

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