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Who do you know that has dealt with cancer, heart attack or stroke? Who do you know that's ever been in any type of accident or suffered some sort of injury?

EXACTLY! We all can think of someone, even if it was yourself. Do you have any idea the financial strain those things have on families when they happen? It's a financial nightmare no matter your financial status. Globe Life makes sure that financial strain doesn't happen.

Globe Life is dedicated to providing life and supplemental health insurance to help protect your loved ones from financial stress so they can focus on what matters most.Globe Life Family Heritage is the leading national supplemental coverage provider, yes, even ahead of Alfac. Our client base makes up over 13 million Americans with the industries highest client retention percentage. That means our clients love we do for them and their families.

Our Top 3 Protection Plans are:
- Cancer Coverage
- Heart Attack & Stroke Coverage
- Accident & Injury Protection

The fact of the matter is no one is exempt from those 3 things happening. Of course no one hopes it happens but the stats indicate that it's not an ''if'' but a ''when''. Specifically here in North Carolina, according to the American Cancer Society, NC is the 8th leading state for NEW cancer diagnoses.

In 2021, Globe Life paid $1,720,793,359 in claims.

The best part is if a client never needs to use our coverage GLFH will return their premiums (less claims paid) at the end of the term 100% tax free!


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Alice Guthrie
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